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Horse Breeding Program

Our equine program is filled with excellent bloodlines. Our foals are all imprinted and handled daily. Our training program continues throughout the horse's life. The horses go under the saddle at two years old and become solid riding horses. We hold off on specific training (i.e., barrels, roping), allowing for purchasers to decide what the horse will be used for and to allow horses to fully develop.

Hollow Ridge Equine has built a program of mixed colors, we have a variety to choose from, including bay, palomino and buckskin. All our horses have excellent muscle structure with correct feet and legs. All our horses (including all broodmares) have been used for a variety of purposes either around the ranch, in the arena or on the trail.

Our program is built on a variety of bloodlines including Two Eyed Jack, Easy Jet and Colonel Freckles just to name a few. This speed and athleticism from our bloodlines, coupled with solid Foundation Quarter Horse sires has produced some impeccable offspring that will be strong in the arena or out on the prairie.

Horse Brokerage

In addition to our breeding program, Hollow Ridge is constantly purchasing high-quality young horses for resale. We bring them in and supplement their training as needed to provide excellent all-around well-mannered horses for our buyers. If you have a horse that you would like for us to assess to purchase, please contact us.

We also broker horses for anyone who would like a horse but have found nothing within our array that meets your needs. Choosing the right horse is important. No one wants to invest the money in a horse only to find they aren't what you want or need when you get them home. Unfortunately there are a lot of horses out there that aren't what they seemed when you first looked at them. That's where the services of a professional can help you select the right horse for your needs from the start, saving you a lot of money, time and heartache in the end. Let us know your requirements and we will utilize our resources to find you the perfect partner.

Horse Boarding Services

We are currently working to expand our boarding options. At this time, all boarding options are pasture only. All horses at our facility are kept in one heard. Space is limited, so check with us for availability. We are currently expanding our stall capacity and hope to provide this service in the near future.

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