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Hollow Ridge now offers training services. We will start your horses by building a strong, trusting relationship. Hollow Ridge trainers strongly believe that gaining the horse's trust is the most important step in training. Once the horse trusts you and you trust the horse, a team is created that can accomplish anything.

Another very important part of our training program includes training the owner to our styles. There is nothing worse than paying all that money to train a horse just to get it home and not know how to ride it! Hollow Ridge wants all our customers to be completely satisfied in the training their horse receives, so we encourage owners to come and ride with us throughout their horse's training.

At this time, we are concentrating on training young horses. At the end of our training program, your horse will be an excellent trail and pleasure horse. We do not believe in starting horses into specialized training programs (roping, barrels, etc.) until horses are 4 years old. This will allow your horse to reach its full growth potential while ensuring he or she will be useable for as many years as possible!


For more information about our training process, or to schedule a horse for training email us at  horses @ hollowridgewyo.com!

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